Why these ladies LOVE Senegence!

I do a #WhyIwearitWednesday… and here are some testimonials from those posts!

I use the pearlizer foundation and bronze blush sense over my foundation. This combination gives me a dewy finish and gives me a tan at the same time! It’s so easy to mix on my pearlizer lid. I use my makeup blender to get really even coverage. I have on mulberry shadowsense (for the first time!) and I love this color! I have 5 shadowsense colors and they are so easy to apply – and they stay on all day – so no need to reapply. I use my finger to blend in the crease of my eye and an eyeshadow brush to smooth across my lid. I have on first love lip color and it is a versatile, nude shade! I started out with matte gloss and have moved to the glossy gloss, which I absolutely love! I’ve also fallen in love with the lip exfoliator and the moisturizing lip balm. When I’m not wearing my lipsense color, you’ll see me with the glossy gloss or the lip balm on. I have ditched all my other chapsticks – & I had a bunch!!”
“I love my lip color and gloss! I am a minimalist make up kind of girl and I put it on and forget about it. Can’t get any better than that!”
“One of the best decisions I have made over last few months is finding the right skincare and makeup that works for me. I’m starting to see good results of many years of neglecting my skin. 
Now that I use SeneGence skincare and cosmetics my skin feels better and I’m so happy with these results. It’s easy and fast to apply and stays on all day! 
Starting my day with a good cleanser and a few sprays of climate control, Seneserum C and CCTM , some eyeshadow which I also use as concealer and Caramel Apple and pink champagne or Bella on my lips (these are my go to colors) and I’m ready for the day!”


“I am wearing climate control, CCTM, a little bronzer, candlelight shadowsense, and a mix of beige champagne and fleur de Lisa lip sense with rose gloss 🙂 I love how easy and quick everything is to put on because with having 3 little girls, a career and a household to run it leaves little time for a makeup routine! Plus a bonus is that it stays on ALL day, so it’s one less thing to worry about! 
I love how my skin looks and feels after putting on climate control and CCTM! I feel like it’s making a difference already in how my skin looks! I also love knowing every purchase I make gives back in some way to someone else which is a double bonus in my book!”


“Wearing color makes me feel fully dressed, but I have always had the gift of getting lipstick on my teeth. I started using lipsense last year, and I love to mix and match and layer colors. In this pic, I share with Mia, we are wearing my absolute favorite, Roseberry.”


I love LipSense for lots of reasons. I love that it has given Brittany this opportunity to share grace and glow and all that those words mean in her life. I love that I can mix and match colors to complement my outfits. I love the confidence I feel with a full face of makeup. And I love that I can still smooch on my babes and “share my lipstick” with kisses and NO mess!


“The elements of Senegence products that I like best are that they’re quick, easy, and long lasting. I am a SAHM to four kiddos ages 5 (as of today… it’s his birthday 🎈), almost 4, 2, and 11 months. Needless to say, I do *not* have time for a complicated makeup routine. Let’s be honest… most days I’m doing good to shower 😂😬! Also, makeup that stays put is a huge benefit for me as we spend most of our days outside and/or running around for errands and play dates! I’m slowly building my Senegence stash, so in this picture I’m wearing CCTM, shell glitter and sandstone pearl shimmer Shadow Sense 👁 , and Caramel Apple Lip Sense 💋:)!
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