Hands down, the best products Senegence offers is their skincare.  No ands, ors, buts… its amazing, and let me tell you why… Seneplex Complex.


The graphic shows you the results of an INDEPENDENT study, of what to expect our skincare to do for YOU,

I can promise you, every single statistic has been true for me.  My skincare journey has been one of skepticism… I didn’t think I needed good skincare, and I certainly was not going to pay the price tag for it.  I didn’t value it, because I didn’t know how much it could transform my skin.

Enter age 31.  Looking back at old photos (from what, 4 years ago?!), and I could visibly see a HUGE difference.  I was aging… rapidly.  I could see the dryness and new wrinkles, only because it visibly wasn’t there in my late twenties.  It had only been a few years and kids back.

But, the changes I’ve seen in the last 8 months of using Senegence Skincare?! UNBELIEVABLE results-

  • my skin is BALANCED
  • less red
  • more even
  • fine lines and wrinkles are DISAPPEARING
  • increased moisturization without being oily
  • fewer breakouts

Crazy, right?!  I never would have believed it.

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