Makesense Foundation

Have trouble with your foundation smearing on your clothes or sweating off??  Does you current foundation have anti-aging properties in it, that hydrates your skin while you look flawless throughout that day??

Enter Makesense.  Our foundation line that everyone is crazy about!!

  • foundation colorsNon-comedogenic: doesn’t clog pores!
  • Mechanical shield- protects skin from environment + the sun WITHOUT SPF (chemical reaction)
  • Oil free
  • Seneplex complex

Pretty remarkable, huh??  Its also good to the last drop because it comes in a bottle with a pump that allows it to stay good and usable til the very end!

Whats better?  It adapts to all skin types, color corrects 3 shades up and down, always making sure to help you look flawless and keep your skin protected.

Which is YOUR shade??



Want to really glow?! Try Pearlizer!  And whats super cool about this product is it can be mixed with lipsense and shadowsense to make blush!

Lots of women LOVE to use pearlizer, not just on their face, but their entire body, to create a radiant skin look.



Color Tinted Moisturizer

Have redness in your skin?? Uneven skin tone?? Enter our AMAZING Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer!


Want to try something?

If you know what you’d like you can ORDER here, or you can message me through the contact form so that I can serve you best!

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