Reapplying your lipstick several times a day?  Smudging it in places it doesn’t belong?  Finding it on your teeth?!  Say goodbye to all these struggles.

what is it

Enter long lasting, smudge proof, kiss proof, lipstick!  Depending on your body’s chemistry, this lipstick lasts from 4-18 hours.  I have always put it on in the morning and had it stay until I washed my face at night.  A true makeup problem solver!

And even BETTER- it has anti-aging products in it that help your lips become healthy through getting off dead skin cells, helping you make newer better ones, and allowing your lips to be hydrated through the moisturizing gloss!

Which color(s) would show off your unique style and personality?

How it works

why the layersLipsense is applied in 3 THIN layers on your lips, by swiping on your lips from left to right, allowing 10 secs between applying.  Once you have your 3 layers and they are dry, you apply your gloss.

Gloss can be applied like any you’ve used, lathered on and rubbed in between your lips!

Ready to take it off? No problem, rub your oops remover on, leave for 45-ish seconds, and wipe with a wet wash cloth.


  • Starter Collection- $55 to start you with 1 glossy gloss, 1 color of YOUR choice, and an oops remover
  • Each color is $25
  • Each gloss is $20
  • Lip color- 50+ shades to choose from… and can be used together to make different colors.  2 colors makes 8 different shades depending on how you apply them!
  • Each tube has a shelf life of 3 YEARS once it has been opened!  HOW?!?! Because it has cosmetic grade alcohol in it that keeps it from breeding bacteria!
  • If you wear your color EVERYDAY it will last 4-6 months!


Its totally an investment up front… but I like to remind my customers that its a SUPERIOR product, for the less money than you’d spend over the course of 4 months on a different product!  Let me prove it!

lipstick prices



There is a 100% money back guarantee.  I just send it back for you and refund you!  Its easy, no hassle, and perfect if you haven’t ever tried it!  Senegence gives you this guarantee because we are sure you will love it… and if you don’t want you to find something to you do love.

Want to order?!

Let’s chat contact page- OR- add yourself to my group Graceful Glow, Knox on facebook and message me!


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