This has been a game changer for me.blushsense

Now, in my 30s, I am starting to look in the mirror and realize I look ill without some color added to my cheeks.  It’s just the truth.  Aging is for the birds.

Enter Blushsense.  It was the product I choose as my first product of the month because its what I was most excited to share apart from Lipsense about our line of makeup.  Why?? Its long lasting, the colors are fabulous, and it lasts FOREVER… it comes in a tube, and you barely use a pin prick of an amount to use on both sides of your face.

How to apply

Its creme to powder which make its easily blended AND once its set, its there until you wash your face!  You don’t have to cake it on in the morning to hop there is a small amount left by the time you end your day.  Incredible!

And it comes in 7 great colors!


And just like all our products, its versatile!

Apart from using it as traditional blush, its most popular use is adding bronze to moisturizer to create a tinted bronzed look, not just for your face, but your entire body!

blushsense versatility


$30 a tube… for a tube that will last you months upon months

Want some??

You can go to the order form or let’s chat!

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