Beauty Trend: Under Eye patch treatments

IMG_20190401_110005_637It seems they are everywhere, and are the newest hype for under eye treatments ranging from brightening, hydrating, reducing puffiness, tightening skin, to eliminating dark circles!  Let’s chat about them and why they are the latest craze, if they work, and how I want to gift a pair to YOU!

How do they work??


You place the eye patch under your eye, on naked skin, and allow it to sit for 20 minutes!  The patch is laced with serums that sometimes include hyaluronic acid to quickly brighten or collagen to increase elasticity, but all seem to boast about their ability to take down puffiness and hydrate under eye skin.  Ummmm, yes please!

Why they are seemingly EVERYWHERE

Who wouldn’t want a quick eye picker-upper option, especially right now during allergy season where most of us where I live (East Tennessee) are struggling with puffy baggy eyes that are watering all the days long!  These are SO easy… just apply, hang out (for me that usually means laundry) for 10-20 minutes, and then take them off and throw away! SO simple!

I think these are a GREAT option, if paired with an under eye cream with your skincare routine… sometimes we need a little pick me up thats more than our eye cream can provide.  I used one for the first time yesterday, here are my thoughts:

My eyes felt SO hydrated, looked brighter, AND were less puffy!!! I may be hooked!

How I am gifting a pair to you for FREE

I think these are SO fun, and definitely worth doing once a week if you like treating yourself to a spa experience, which is why I am putting a FREE pair in EVERY order this month (April)!!  It’s my gift to you because I value all my customers, and love to share new fun things with you!!

Have you tried under eye masks?? What are YOUR thoughts?



March Madness, beauty style!

***** ⛹️‍♂️ MARCH MADNESS ⛹️‍♂️ *****

I have NEVER been this excited about March Madness before- our favorite team the Tennessee Volunteers (GB🍊) are slated to be a BIG team with LOTS of momentum!!

I thought it would be SUPER fun for us to have a little march madness of our own- and the winning bracket (or closest to) gets a $75 giftcard 🤯 to spend with me in whatever way they choose!!! AND, we will have other fun giveaways a long the way 😍!!! 

The winner also gets to designate our philanthropy for April! How fun is that?!

***** HOW TO PLAY *****

Fill out this bracket and post it in the comments below BEFORE March 15! I am filling one of my own out, also!! If you don’t know what a product is, you can guess OR even better, you can look at it in the beauty book! Our winning picks are going to come from Senegence distributors choices across the company!!


Y’all. I’m pumped… who’s in??! Let’s get to pickin’!

You can download this image and print, write in your choices, then take a picture!  That’s what I did!  When you post, tell us which product you have winning it all!


What glowing group

The end of this week marks my 1st year anniversary with Senegence, and while I am SO excited to celebrate that with you BUT before any of that I want to celebrate some really important women to me.

When I started this a year ago, I never dreamed that I would be sitting here, almost a year in, with 14 women in business with me.  I was so skeptical for what this business could do for me… and even after jumping in I could feel myself holding it at arms length.  But as weeks turned into months I fell more in love, and have seen so much growth and LIFE breathed into me because of it… and much of that is contributed to these beauties!

I hope you’ll listen as we share a small glimpse of how this business has transformed our lives in such a short time.  I am so stinkin’ proud to call these women my glowsquad, and know that so much beauty and light is being strewn around because of them!

Glow baby, glow!




Glowing Skin is always in!

Y’all know how I feel about glowing… its my main mantra- shine light, be light, spread light, boiling down to- in all ways ILLUMINATE!  And, who doesn’t want skin that’s doing that in the process?  Beauty isn’t skin deep… but man do I feel more confident to go and do when my skin looks + feels incredible!

Nangai Oil has become on of my top skincare products- keeping my skin moisturized and glowing at the same time.  And, just like any Senegence product, this one is versatile!  My friends who have purchased it ALWAYS come back to me with lots of thanks for sharing it, which is why I decided to feature it here!!


Who/What is Nangai oil good for?!

The question should probably what is it NOT good for-

  • Dry Skin
  • Cuts
  • Scars- old and new
  • Stretch marks
  • Rashes
  • Burns (including sunburn)
  • Cradle cap
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Cuticles
  • Add to moisturizer for extra hydration (or CCTM/Foundation)
  • Hair mask- reduces dandruff + hydrates hair follicles
  • Cracked lips

It has uses for all ages, and get this- its made from the Nangai nut found in the South Pacific, which has been proven as the most hydrating oil on the PLANET!  So pair that goodness, with Seneplex (our enzyme that speeds up cells to give you younger + healthier cells to the surface), and you’ve got GOLD!

How I am currently using it

  • I add it to my moisturizer in the morning… or my CCTM if I am wearing it that day.  It gives my skin the dewy look I hope for- that GLOWING skin!
  • I add it to my evening moisturizer on days my skin feels more dry
  • I deep condition my hair once every couple weeks with applying it to my ends
  • I use it on my eczema AND psoriasis (yes.. I have both) with Climate control and NO LONGER NEED STEROIDS!
  • On my lips as extra moisture with the lip balm when I run in cold temps!

How do you use it?

Its an oil- so it comes with a dropper so its easily dispensed.  Much like coconut oil, it firms up, so I run it under cold water in the winter months in order to liquify it which takes a few seconds.

It smells earthy (and my opinion is incredible!) and has saved my skin this winter!!


Just like in versatility, this product will last you a LONG time like other Senegence products.  It comes with a 100% money back guarantee and will leave you wondering how you ever lived without it!

(pair it with Climate Control… and you won’t know what hit you… but you’ll be hugging my neck)