Beauty Trend: Under Eye patch treatments

IMG_20190401_110005_637It seems they are everywhere, and are the newest hype for under eye treatments ranging from brightening, hydrating, reducing puffiness, tightening skin, to eliminating dark circles!  Let’s chat about them and why they are the latest craze, if they work, and how I want to gift a pair to YOU!

How do they work??


You place the eye patch under your eye, on naked skin, and allow it to sit for 20 minutes!  The patch is laced with serums that sometimes include hyaluronic acid to quickly brighten or collagen to increase elasticity, but all seem to boast about their ability to take down puffiness and hydrate under eye skin.  Ummmm, yes please!

Why they are seemingly EVERYWHERE

Who wouldn’t want a quick eye picker-upper option, especially right now during allergy season where most of us where I live (East Tennessee) are struggling with puffy baggy eyes that are watering all the days long!  These are SO easy… just apply, hang out (for me that usually means laundry) for 10-20 minutes, and then take them off and throw away! SO simple!

I think these are a GREAT option, if paired with an under eye cream with your skincare routine… sometimes we need a little pick me up thats more than our eye cream can provide.  I used one for the first time yesterday, here are my thoughts:

My eyes felt SO hydrated, looked brighter, AND were less puffy!!! I may be hooked!

How I am gifting a pair to you for FREE

I think these are SO fun, and definitely worth doing once a week if you like treating yourself to a spa experience, which is why I am putting a FREE pair in EVERY order this month (April)!!  It’s my gift to you because I value all my customers, and love to share new fun things with you!!

Have you tried under eye masks?? What are YOUR thoughts?



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