A special place, forever and always.

(True story- I wrote this blog and then forgot to post it.)

I don’t believe in luck.

I believe everything is purposed… every single moment.  Every single part of our lives, never up to chance, but divinely appointed.  Every friendship, score of a ball game, seemingly random conversation.

And, I may dismiss luck, but I strongly believe in being abundantly blessed.   I am smothered in blessings- I have been given a good life.  Ridiculously enough, there are SO many times I take it for granted.  This week, however, I soaked in every. last. drop.


Many people have never heard of Fripp Island- its a small 3 mile island slightly north of Hilton Head, and slightly south of Charleston.  To get on the island you must have permission by a home owner, or have rented a home previous to showing up.  Its quiet, with little to no commercial development, and for me, its part of who I am.

Some of my earliest memories are on this island… I’ve been blessed by my generous aunt and uncle who have owned the same home for over 30 years.  That means that for years of my childhood this was where we came… at least once a year, sometimes several.  My dad tells a story about how one year, after he had not taken 1 day vacation for 3 years, we cIMG_1608.JPGame down for a week, and had such an amazing time we stayed an entire extra week.  If we could, we would do that now.  Because this entire week has been one of the most life giving weeks of my life… to have space to just be together, without any worry with what we should be doing, or what we could be missing.


To just be.  Is there any better gift?? To go to a place where you have SO many wonderful memories… and just be… with the people you NEED to be with the most?!  We too often are too busy.  This week, we’ve been unplugged, we’ve been on NO time schedule (except maybe nap time, because the littles can only keep up so much), and we’ve eaten all the sweets our tummies can stand.

Thanks for your patience while we were away!!  I answered what I could in short spurts, but ultimately wanted to unplug to be here.

Love you all!!



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