Mom-preneur: Mom + work, at the same time


That’s my Z-girl.  She looks a tad pale, with sunken eyes, because she has been battling one heck on an ear infection… which means her typical school day ended up tagging along with me!  We are weary from loss of sleep, but we are working today because that’s what I needed to do!    We had orders to fill, and decided we were going to do it together!

Spending time with her today, while in the same moments working, was what inspired this blog post… I could see how her little tired eyes perked up when she found out instead of laying on the couch in true ill fashion, we were going to sit in the floor and put order together.  It was NOT time efficient… and I had to go back and make sure every order was right by the end of it, BUT it was my favorite kind of work day.

I LOVE incorporating work into MY life, instead of letting work dictate my life.  It enriches my days with the kids because of what it causes us to do- they are learning what work looks like, we get to talk about stewardship, we chat about sharing life with others in genuine and vulnerable ways, we invite people over and have playdates and makeovers- its fun, engaging, and allows me to be what I’ve seen called a “mom-preneur.”  I’m able to do both things at once.

It seems easy to think that we have to work outside of our other duties; however, doing this type of work is easy to add in, instead on add on.  I am so grateful my kids want to spend time with me, and be part of other things I am doing…  all the while getting to see what it looks like to work for what you want.

And, what I want is to share life with others in real and impactful ways, while sharing makeup and skincare that have rocked my world.


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