The 4-1-1 on all things mascara

Mascara is my JAM. If I could only pic 1 makeup product to use everyday for the rest of my life, its HANDS DOWN mascara. I wouldn’t think twice.

So let’s go down the list… Whats the right technique for applying? How do we choose the right one?  How do we choose between waterproof and non-waterproof?  Lash curlers, are the necessary??  (Spoiler: yes, they are.)

How to apply it…. correctly

First things first… if you aren’t applying it correctly, then it’s not going to matter which one you choose.  What better way than to show you??  I really love this video… quick, easy, and easily duplicatable!

How to choose the right one

So now you know the right technique… but how do you choose?!

Y’all… I’ve been threw A LOT of different types of mascara.  Before I threw out my mascara graveyard 2cosmetic graveyard, I had SEVEN different types of mascara… some were WAY older than I’d care to admit, and many were thrown in there because they didn’t give me the volume in my lashes I craved.  (so why did I keep them?  I have NO IDEA…)

For 15 years I was walking down the cosmetic aisle at Walgreens or Target, choosing what appealed to my eyes at the time.  I had my go-tos… but I didn’t love them.

Three years ago, in pre-Senegence days, I found a mascara that I have LOVED from Thrive cosmetics.  It worked great for lengthening my lashes, wasn’t hard to get off… and was by the far the MOST I’d ever paid for Mascara… $25 a tube.  BUT- good mascara is a must (in my opinion).

Since I started with Senegence, I’ve been using the lashsense with undersense for my waterproof needs and sticking with Thrive mascara for my days when I only needed it for a short period, or knew I wouldn’t be exercising or crying (although… let’s get real.  You never really know when you are going to cry- I do it all the time. Drop of a hat.  I’m a crier.)

So here is what I will tell you, Senegence or not… invest in the good stuff.  Lashes and eyes aren’t something to fool around with.  Use quality mascara.  Quality mascara is NEVER a bad investment.

The NEW Lashsense… quality mascara blended with lash extend serum?!

I have been SO excited to share this with you… because there is FINALLY a way to extend your lashes and wear mascara in ONE STEP!

This is going to sound so silly… but, it’s the truth.  I have been using lash extend (our lash extending serum that naturally grows, strengthens, and hydrates your lashes) for months… but forget to put it on more days than not.  I wash my face most nights, but somehow just don’t think to grab the lash extend as part of my routine.  I can’t explain it.  I just don’t think about it.

WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WHAT?!  A mascara that GROWS your lashes?! But how?!

!!! CapixylTM helps provide fuller and thicker lashes over time by optimizing the hair growth cycle. It stimulates the hair follicle regeneration process to activate growth while also reducing the hair follicle miniaturization process to limit eyelash fall out. The hair follicle self-generation is the key to prevent hair loss and improve hair growth that results in longer and denser lashes for a beautiful, bold look !!!

I don’t ever forget to put on my mascara.  I’m far too vain for that.  SO this new product is seriously SO exciting to me.  And seeing results… oh man.  If you are a mascara junkie, YOU NEED LASHSENSE.

Let’s see some testimonials?!  Yep.  This stuff speaks for itself.







Here are the FAST and DIRTY details…

  • Contains Capixyl, which has been clinically PROVEN in an INDEPENDENT study to grow lashes 47% over 4 weeks… does not irritate!
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Safe for use with contacts- Opthomology tests – approved
  • Brush shape and structure- help with fewer coats, to separate, to keep from clumping, etc.
  • Foops wipes & Liquid Foops will remove mascara. Waterproof formula: Let the foops sit on your lashes a bit if needed. Don’t pull on your lashes.
  • Curl comes from both the brush and mascara formula
  • Multi-zone Configuration Technology: improve curl, more definition, shows volume & length
  • Tube will last depending on personal use. It can last 2 months or more.
  • expiration date is 6 months after opening b/c it is an eye product. Highest concern about any eye product is potential for contamination / infection. Every time you open the container and put the wand in and out it increases the likelihood for contamination – so do not use if older than 6 months. (THIS IS GOES FOR ANY MASCARA!)
  • Layers: Use as many as it takes to get the effect you want. On average, ladies are using 2-3 layers.
  • ITS CLEAN- Paraben-free, Gluten-free, Animal by-product-free

Waterproof, or not?

This is really personal preference… but options need to be weighed.

  • If you are going to wear waterproof, make sure you have a great and gentle way to take it off (our FOOPS remover works GREAT!)… otherwise you will lose your lashes, and they will get dry + brittle.
  • Do you wear contacts??? Sweat a lot?? Are you a crier?! Then, grab waterproof.
  • Our regular lashsense does not flake off, leave raccoon eyes, and is easily removed.

The importance of an eye lash curler

Actually… with lashsense you don’t need one.  But if you are using any other type of mascara… its worth a look.  Using an eye lash curler helps to give you a more wide-eyed-wide-awake look… which is why we all use mascara, am I right?!

It’s really a personal preference… and how many steps you are willing to use in your makeup routine.  I’m going to go with LASHSENSE, because it does all the lifting, strengthening, curling, and extending for you.

Shop Lashsense

Let’s chat… or fill out this form.  I can’t wait to hook you up with the mascara you’ve always wanted.  Our mascara dreams have come true!




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