Let’s get real for a minute.


I’m 32 years old and over the past 5 years I have acquired a few new things… children, some high waisted jeans I swore I’d never wear, 2 wrinkles on my forehead + some crows feet around my eyes, among many other things… Yep, some of the things I’ve acquired have brought much joy… some are just a product of time… and some are unwanted, un-needed side effects of poor self care.

As of 9 months ago, I was washing my face with Dial soap and adding some Olay moisturizer when I hopped out of the shower. There were DAYS I’d go without washing my face, and my reason for it was… I’m not wearing makeup, so I’m finev(yep… I’d wipe my face with a quick wipe after running and call it a day… GROSS).

Uhhhh… that was not working, which my new found aging on my face proved over years of not being cared for + with age comes the need for a little more color to your face, regardless of what skincare you use. BUT I was not about to wear makeup… it smudged, smeared, and accentuated my dry patches. Nope. I was sticking with mascara and the occasional bronzing powder.

BUT when I saw an up close picture from my late twenties a year ago I realized, I needed to start investing more in self-care, or I was going to out age myself… and long gone will the days be when people think I’m younger than I am.

So, while pregnant with Ansell, I did a little research and decided to buy a few makeup items that weren’t from the Target makeup aisle. I was going to get the “good stuff”… finally wear a few things to cover up my lack of skin care maintenance. BUT, regardless of how much I spent on “better” cosmetics, it was still the same… rubbed off, sweated off, smeared, etc. I gave up.


THEN, I tried Lipsense, VERY RELUCTANTLY I should add. I noticed in some family pictures that we’d paid good money, that I looked very un-feminine. I was the least exciting part of all the pictures… which felt like a mirrored image of my life. I was the background… in the shadows… the least important. And I wanted something that made me feel beautiful and seen… even if it was a VERY light, neutral lip color. SO I invested the $60 for a lip kit, and thought… this is going to last me an entire year, and its the first thing in a while that I’m splurging for myself.

A month later, I was back for a second, deeper color (BELLA- every woman needs bella. Just saying). Two months later I was starting to think there was an opportunity here… how many women are like me??? How many feel unexciting? In the shadows?? Overlooked?? Least important?? If lip color could do for them what it had done for me, why would I not share that??

Oh, well… I wouldn’t share it because it was part of a PYRAMID SCHEME dubbed MLM. That’s why. I would much more quickly send someone to Target for some amazing pillow than share a product sold by a company with independent distributors (which… shame on me. seriously… who did I think I was?!).

But, y’all… I couldn’t stop thinking about it… and so I decided, its a $55 sign up fee… at least I’ll get my money back. I will share to a few close friends + family, feed my habit, make a few $$ to give to some organizations that tug at my heart strings, but ultimately, the small risk is worth at least tryyyyyyying it. (read my exact timeline of how this all happened here, in an earlier post this month)

But it didn’t take me 3 weeks to realize the potential here. The amazing products… the SKINCARE y’all. Now that I use life-altering skincare, I could NEVER go back to my bar of soap. Now that I have found makeup that is good for my skin, feels amazing, and looks incredible, I don’t have to go without OR worry while I wear it!


And thats why I want to share it with YOU! I want to do what I can to help you have the same experience I have… finding skincare + makeup that looks and feels amazing… all the while being GREAT for you!

I started this company excited to share and lead… and that excitement has just GROWN since then. I LOVE this job… what it affords me, how I can give to others, how I can offer other women a similar journey (or something totally different, depending on what THEY want), and that I get to do so while serving others. What an amazing opportunity… it just doesn’t get much better.

Learn more about how I want to flip the script on MLM and serve women to help each woman feel beautiful and confident!




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