How do you know its bad?

With EVERY situation you encounter, How do you know it’s good? Bad? How do you know what will come from it?? What it will do in your life, or the lives of others??

What has grown from something that seemed like THE WORST thing, 15 months ago (Galactosemia) has turned into the largest catalyst of change in my life, in THE BEST ways.

I have been given vision… my heart has grown 100x… I’ve been given new friends, a new community to love + serve, and new fond confidence that I AM ABLE + ENOUGH to accomplish the things I desire to.


I am sharing 11 different faces with you today because I am overwhelmingly grateful to each of these women, that are part of a team I affectionately call my Glow-squad. They are inspiring, hard working, passionate, excited, humble, and SO easy to love and celebrate.

I wouldn’t get to lead these women + others in the future if it wasn’t for Galactosemia… because I never would have been searching for new ways to get outside of myself.

So I URGE you today… take a look at the circumstances you’ve been given… and think long-term. In the moment, how do you know if it’s good or bad?? What could you be missing??



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