Woulda should a coulda


I woulda.

I coulda.

I shoulda.

3 phrases we all too often have thought or said when being confronted with things we’ve wished for or dreamed about.

What do you wish for??? What do you dream about??? How age and experience have changed my answers, as I’m sure will continue to happen!

I want to be in real relationship with people! I want to put my phone down more and experience life as it’s happening NOW. I want to be part of more organizations that are changing lives, through the gospel and through meeting physical needs. I want to see a cure for Galactosemia!! I want to travel and show my kids how diverse and beautiful this world God created is, through different landscapes and cultures!

What are your goals?? Desires?? How are you actively pursuing them??

You’ve got 2 choices- Make moves OR Make excuses.

My opinion?? Make moves.

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