June Product of the Month- Shadowsense!

Happy first week of June friends!  I can’t believe we are half way through our year already… and my youngest turns 1 next week… and I turn 32.  Good grief.  Life is just flying right on by!  Which is why I have LOVED starting this business… because it has allowed me more of what I love- relationship building!  I have been doing this for 4 months, and I have met MANY new women whom I have enjoyed and treasured.  Plus, I am getting to enjoy intentional time with my kiddos as well.  Its been great.

Anyone else had this experience??

Before I tell you about the product– let me tell you what my experience with eye makeup has been.  I one word it would be described as FRUSTRATING.  Now, I will say I have a range of different products- from different network marketing companies, to the Target aisle, to more recently finally trying Urban Decay’s NAKED line… and they all ended up the same.  I would spend a few minutes applying… get it the way I wanted it… and then 2-4 hours later, it would be smudged or gone!  Like, where did it go?!?!?! Its not like I was rubbing my eyes!

So I quit.  I quit wearing much makeup actually.  And, I am a proponent of less is best, and the more natural the better- BUT, I also like to feel beautiful, and feminine, especially on special occasions.  I would like to wear more than just mascara most days, but I was just over the frustration of taking the time to put it on, and finding a few hours later it wasn’t worth it.

Enter Senegence makeup… but in this case, Shadowsense.

Alright, so what is this Shadowsense??

Well, its essentially an eye makeup GAME CHANGER.  It doesn’t smudge, budge, sweat off, disappear… which is AMAZING… but lets talk about what it does!

shadowsense 2

Shadowsense is creme to powder, which makes it VERY blendable, makes it feel like silk on your face, gives a crease-proof look, AND it has our anti-aging properties in it (seneplex) that actively work to help the thin skin around our eyes healthy while fighting fine lines and wrinkles!  Say what?!?!

But, it can be used for more than just eye shadow…


Ummmm and I am not kidding.  You can use Shadowsense in about 100 different ways.  And in everyway it will stay where you put it for the purpose you intended it to.

I have used it as a concealer, eye brightener, blush, eye color, and eye liner… and I am learning how to use it as a highlighter and for contouring.  Pretty remarkable huh??

There are so really great youtubes videos, but I recommend watching this one about all the different ways from Katie Enos, an incredible Makeup Artist + Senegence distributor… Uses for Shadowsense in action!

Lets look at some color!


Look at these beauties!!

I wear Sandstone Pearl, Moca Java, and Garnet on my eyes most often.  I also LOVE Mulberry.

I wear Candlelight as a concealer.

I wear Onyx as an eye liner.

I have use Moca Java as a blush color.

I am SUPER excited to try whisper pink and pink posey! Those are on my list for next order!

Putting the colors together…


Looking to try a few together?  This is a great place to start!

If you are looking for a little shimmer, but not too much, I recommend getting a couple of matte colors + a shimmer color.  Thats usually what I will do, to give a little glow without an overwhelming amount of shimmer.

If you LOVE shimmer, girl you add all the shimmer you want!

Pricing + product info

SO Shadowsense is retail $22, but as my product of the month it is $19!  So save $3 a tube this month!  Want to grab a trio?? You can have 3 for additional savings, $10 off (Instead of being $66, it will be $56!)

Each tube lasts anywhere for 6-12 months depending on how thick you wear it everyday!



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