You are what sets my soul on fire.

You know what sets my soul on 🔥🔥🔥?
It’s not Senegence, it’s not GLOW for Galactosemia, it’s not history, or politics, or running a mile. It’s not shopping, or reading, or studying. These are all aspects of life that I enjoy, and even look forward to, but they don’t set me on fire. Many times they are the vehicle to what sets my soul ablaze, but they themselves aren’t what give me passion and excitement.
So what does?? I never feel more excited about something, or more energized and filled up, than I do when I have spent intentional time in pursuit of the eternal pieces of what this life offers… which are people and Jesus. That’s it.
And no wonder, right? Because it won’t matter in 100 years if I did 20 pushups today, or if I helped a woman find the perfect shade of Lipsense, or if I raised $$ for the Galactosemia Foundation… it won’t matter if I found the perfect Anthropologie Kimono or read the best written story this world can offer… it won’t matter UNLESS through those outlets I can SEE people, meet with them where they are, enjoy them, hear their stories and share mine, grow in deep friendship, etc… THAT’S WHAT GETS MY 🔥🔥🔥🔥 LIT.
I ❤️ how God makes us each different- He gives us different loves, different joys, different sorrows, different paths, different insights, different vehicles to enjoy this life, one another, and Him… and I ❤️ how each person I get to know through whatever circumstance shows me more about life and truth.
Thanks for being on this journey with me… thanks for sharing your life with me through this outlet. Thanks for inviting me into your homes, sharing your friends with me, and allowing me to be a part in small and big ways.
I am grateful- and YOU are what sets my soul on 🔥.

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