May Product of the Month #1- Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer!

Hey all!!

So, its officially the middle of the month and I’ve been silent on our Product of the Month (POM) because what I wanted it to be, and what my Facebook group members voted on was our beloved product, Climate Control.  Unfortunately, it sold out and Senegence is doing their very best to get us a new batch, but they were not prepared for the surge + they are very picky about quality, which is something worth waiting for!!

SO, in the meantime, we have TWO POMs this month because 1. Climate Control was a letdown, and 2. It has taken me 15 days to get over that and release different products!

BUT, I am making this VERY worth your time… because I picked my favorite make up product + an AMAZING skincare product that JUST launched to highlight.

POM #1, Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer… normally $45, now $38.25

CCTM colors

I LOVE this stuff.  I cannot talk about it enough.  I wear it EVERYDAY… it feels SO good on my skin, it evens out my skin tone, it takes away ANY redness, it protects my skin from damaging sun-rays, AND it is reversing the aging process while I wear it. Ummmm…. hello?! Isn’t this product a no-brainer???

I LOVE to add our bronzer blushsense to mine… I just pump a couple of dots of the CCTM, add a very small dot of bronzer, then I mix them together with the back of my makeup brush and I add it to my skin.

I started using this immediately after joining Senegence.  I had a $55 credit because I signed up during a promotion (WHICH IS HAPPENING AGAIN RIGHT NOW), so I choose this as my product to try apart from Lipsense.  Here is a picture of me, one of the first times I used it:


So, you can VERY visibly see the side I have used the CCTM on, and the side that was bare.  And, because of this picture, I was able to see where my skin wasn’t as healthy as it should be.  My goal was to start using our skincare in hopes that I wouldn’t even need to wear CCTM… and that has happened (more on skincare later… but if you are interested, message me)!! I can see a VERY VISIBLE difference in my evened out skin tone + significant decrease in redness… BUT- I still wear my CCTM!  Why? Because its SO good for my skin- it is working while on my skin to counteract the aging process AND its acting as a mechanical shield to protect my skin from damaging sun rays!!

But here is another reason… I went on vacation this week, and while I got some sun on my face, I realized that some areas were blotchy from how sun had gotten through my sunscreen at different points and different intensities.  I was SO glad to have packed my CCTM, because it gave me a flawless look for dinner that night- I didn’t have to worry about it… it covered all the imperfections up, and then evened out my skin tone… PERFECT!

Wearing CCTM gives you several benefits, aside from beautifully even skin- 1. Anti-aging + 2. Mechanical shield… BUT what does this mean practically??

  1. Anti-aging: CCTM has Seneplex in it, which is a group of enzymes that actively work for 8 hours at a cellular level to increase healthy cell production, at a faster rate than normal.  This means your skin is coming to the surface healthier, younger, brighter, plumper, less saggy, more firm, less wrinkled!!seneplex complex
  2. Mechanical Shield- Essentially this is like putting a blanket on your skin to keep UV rays from penetrating and causing sun damage!  Its better for your face than SPF (chemical shield) because SPF works to block the UV rays, but cannot block them fully like this… AND its natural, by the combination of Titanium dioxide and algae extract to create the ‘full-strength mechanical shield’.

How to order this!

You’ve got options!

  1. You can email me at
  2. You can visit my Senesite to order online without having to contact me- Graceful Glow, Knox Senesite
  3. You can contact me through my blogsite, by clicking the “Let’s chat” button!

There are 15 days left to take advantage of this offer!! I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it!





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