My measure of success

#WiseWednesday coming at me like WOAH from yesterday’s Duck Duck Goose.

I am not shy about many things. When I strike up conversation with people, I care about what they say and how they feel, even if they think the only reason I am talking to them is because I have something to sell (case and point yesterday). Sometimes Lipsense is the reason I’m in their path, but that doesn’t mean Lipsense is my primary goal. Sure, I’d LOVE to share our amazing products, especially with women who can identify with the problems I have faced with makeup, BUT I am not in this to push product where its not wanted or needed. I’m in this to meet other women, serve other women, and give to others. Those are my primary goals… SO ENTER YESTERDAY.

Yesterday at Duck Duck Goose I met a lot of women. Although there were some select few who had no interest in speaking with me, more times than not I got to have some great conversations with people I had never met. But one conversation in particular blew me away.

The conversation was at most 8 minutes, but in that time I connected with 2 women, a mother and daughter, who through a crazy turn in conversation (I can’t even trace it completely) we made the connection that their newest member of the family (granddaughter/niece) was born locally with Galactosemia. SAY WHAT?!?!?! I only mentioned Anse twice yesterday, and once was in a deeper conversation to the vendor next to me… and I’m telling you, I still can’t figure out why or how she came up in this conversation- but she did, and I got to meet another family like ours! FROM THE LINE AT DUCK DUCK GOOSE! How Incredible?!?!

So I felt like sharing a long post today, in my encouragement from this, that wherever you are, doing whatever you are doing, YOU are God’s workmanship, created IN Christ Jesus, to do works which God PREPARED in ADVANCE for YOU to do (Ephesians 2:10). There is no denying I was in my prepared place yesterday… not making a sale, but ENGAGING with others, where I was, and getting to see God’s hand in a remarkable way.


I hope this is an encouragement to you- wherever you are… that your day is PURPOSED and has been PREPARED in ADVANCE. I am choosing to measure “my success” on that and not what seems like success by the world’s standard. And if I do that, yesterday was one of my most successful days yet.

I’d LOVE for you to share today how you have seen God’s hand in how he purposed your day- I promise if you pay attention there will be numerous ways that blow you away!

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