Celebrating beauty in friendship

friendshipThis week my heart has been full- if you follow any of whats been happening in my life, this should come as no surprise. But it isn’t the money we’ve raised with the race or the awareness that has spread… its the overwhelming joy I feel from reflecting on all the love and service that has been lavished on my family. It has caused me to pause and think about just how important friendship and relationships are in my life. I am one blessed woman.

Friendship is not an enrichment… its a necessity. And its beautifully spoken of by C.S.Lewis when he says, “Friendship is the instrument by which God reveals to each of us the beauties of others.” Isn’t it true that we are our most radiant when we are with the people we call our deepest, truest friends?! You can’t deny how beautiful a woman is when she is candidly laughing with those she loves most. It’s one of the most lovely images… right up there with a mama seeing her newborn baby for the first time.

And y’all… I’ve seen about as much beauty in you as my eyes can handle. Which is probably why they’ve had many tears the past few days. Tears of great joy.

I’d love if you all would post pictures in the comments below of you with your best girlfriends… candid or pics of you smiling for the camera- and lets celebrate how much better womanhood is with our best gals by our side. And thank Jesus that he created us for deep, rich relationships!

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