March Product of the Month- Blushsense!

Y’all, I chose my first product of the month to get this thing started… and I chose Blushsense because its amazing.

My make-up routine is simple- which caused several friends of mine to gasp a bit when I told them I was signing up under Senegence to be a distributor.  I don’t use much.  But what I do use, I want to love.  And blush is one of those products for two adds color to my face that gives my face a natural healthy glow, and 2. I love it to bronze my face when I’d like for it to appear that I have a slight tan but haven’t actually had the time to get one.  Anyone feel me here?!?!

Enter Blushsense.

  • Long lasting (Anywhere from 4-18 hours depending on application and your body’s chemisty.  Mine lasts 12+ hours)
  • Incorporates Seneplex Complex which is our anti-aging ingredients- Skincare in your blush! Yes, please!
  • Nourishes your face while you wear it
  • Water resistant
  • Blends unbelievably well
  • Versatile- can be used in different ways other than adding color to your cheek bones
  • Creme to powder
  • Lasts for months!  It is crazy!

How you apply

  • Squeeze only a pin prick amount onto your finger- anymore will be too much.  You can always add, but its hard to take away
  • Dot one side of your cheek bone lightly, and then the other with your finger, then do this again (i usually have one slightly dense dot than the other on each cheek)
  • Work it in by dotting with a brush or blending with your finger (I prefer the use of a brush but its not a requirement)
  • REMEMBER you do not have to cake it on like traditional blush because how it looks when you are applying is how it will look all day!
  • Past LIVE video of how to apply can be found in my Facebook group, here.  If you aren’t a member ask to be added, I got you!



  • Pouty Pink- great for fairer skin or for blending with other products.  Great as an eye shadow, too!
  • Toasted Rose- brown/pink color, great for adding color to your cheeks for a natural sun kissed look
  • Cherry- a traditional red/pink, amazing for spring and summer, looks good on anyone
  • Pink Berry- our brightest, most Barbie tone, SO fun for spring and summertime
  • Bronze- can use to blend with foundation, face lotion, pearlizer, etc to give a sun kissed look without tanning.  Also is great as an eye shadow!
  • Chocolate Cherry- similar to toasted rose but less pink
  • Terra Cotta- the perfect warm tone with a touch of peach, PERFECT for spring!


Want to see me use blushsense in 3 different ways??  Check out my facebook LIVE video here.  Again, if you aren’t a member, let me know if you want to be added!

blushsense versatility

Interested but afraid you won’t love it?

We ALWAYS have a money back guarantee- 100% if you don’t love it, no problem!


Blushsense is usually $30 + tax, but this month with Graceful Glow, Knox it is 15% off, making it $26.50 + tax!  The grand total for this beautiful blush is $28.95!

All colors (with the exception of pink berry) are in stock and ready for you to enjoy! I can ship anywhere!

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