Hey, Beauty!

Hi, I’m Brittany!! I wish I could extend my hand, shake yours, and hear your name- I’d love for you to reach out to me so we can have the chance to do that!!  I LOVE meeting new people! My motto is the more souls you know, the more you grow!

I love meeting you here, in this shared space, born from my yearning to be more … MORE through service to others, through loving better, through being present in our community, through visibly seeing needs and getting to actively do something about them, whether that means helping a lady with her makeup and skincare needs, or through the ability to give back to local organizations.

So, how do we do MORE? We expect MORE out of our cosmetics and skincare- we don’t stand for makeup that smudges off, or fades during the day. We only accept makeup thats ACTIVELY changing our skin for the better. We use skincare thats using reoccurring NATURAL resources to keep us cleansed, toned, hydrated, and moisturized while using science to CHANGE our skin + help us fight aging.

What’s MORE? We go OUT and FORWARD with confidence, into our relationships, workplaces, and communities… we SEE people, and we meet them where they are. We fight for those who need help. We do this with our actions (showing up), with our words (advocacy), and with our purchases, so that others know they are not alone… that we SEE them.


Here I am, at the beginning of my Glowforth journey almost 2 years ago… kissing my littlest beauty love.  I had to share this picture because she has been a massive carrier for change in my life.  God rocked our world with her arrival, and has since torn down so many aspects of what we thought we knew, to rebuild them with His truths and His purposes.  And I am so glad He did- because the way I view life isn’t the same, and it lead to the beginning of all of THIS!

And I am so GRATEFUL- Thank YOU, for visiting, for being a part, for your encouragement and for your purchases.

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All my LOVE,