Hi & Welcome!


Well hello there!

Hi, I’m Brittany!! I wish at this point I could extend my hand, shake yours, and ask you your name- so make sure to visit the Let’s connect page so we can virtually do that!!  I LOVE meeting new people and expanding my community, so thanks for being here!

Glowing forth (formally Graceful Glow, Knox) was born from my yearning to give more of myself… give more through service to others, through loving more and better, through being present in our community, through visibly seeing needs and getting to actively do something about them!

I get to live out my passions through several outlets, one of which is my beauty business.  It may seem a bit odd at first to think… that’s the vision that birthed a beauty business?! But, it is!  What better way to serve women, by helping them feel beautiful and inspired?!  We all feel and see beauty in different ways- and I love affirming that, while helping women find their style and confidence!  I’ve learned so much from others about what beauty is, and how I want my personal style to reflect what I feel and believe about who I am!

And I get to live out my passions through being a mom.  I’m a mama of three beauties… and having girls seemed ironic when I found out I was having my first daughter.  I have never been what is considered, “girly.”  I was terrified, because I honestly had no idea what it would be like to raise a woman (and then to my surprise I now have the honor of raising up three).  Since that day in 2012, God has been growing me into a woman that is equipped to raise others up- in my home, in my work, and in my service.  Isn’t it the coolest thing the way God works?!  I never would have envisioned I’d be writing this right now, yet here I am!  Amazing!


Here I am… kissing my littlest beauty love.  I had to share this picture because she has been a massive carrier for change in my life.  God rocked our world with her arrival, and has since torn down so many aspects of what we thought we knew, to rebuild them with His truths and His purposes.  And I am so glad He did- because the way I view life isn’t the same, and it lead to the beginning of Glowing Forth.

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